A concept of travel.

Atepa solves the backpackers’ problem of carrying too much stuff in an uncomfortable way. Atepa offers a 3in1 solution, because it contains a trekking backpack, a daypack and a tent. The backpack, which has a volume of 55 l to store your luggage, contains a comfortable 1-person tent in a special pocket. This tent is constructed with an innovative system consisting of a telescopic pole. The backpack is fixed to the ground to build the pole`s footing. By pulling out the telescopic pole the tent is spread and some exhaustions fasten the construction. The backpack uses an aluminum frame to suspend the load away from the back. To carry the luggage it has ergonomic shoulder straps and a hip belt. Apart from the tent pocket the backpack has a packsack with a capacity of 55 l and further pockets to organize other equipment. To compress the luggage there is the orange frame whose straps are pulled together. The daypack is integrated into the homogeneous look of the backpack. It is attached to it but can be taken off.




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